Tent Camping, Tent Sites & Campgrounds

Tent Camping, Tent Sites & Campgrounds

KOA Basic Tent Camping Sites cover the basics and a little more with level sites, access to hot showers and bathrooms, and other KOA Campground amenities. At KOA Journey, KOA Holiday and KOA Resort Campgrounds, you will find a number of tent camping options. Premium Tent Sites offer ample parking, your own electric hookup, a KOA “site light”, and a large area to pitch your tent. KOA is also developing affordable and comfortable Patio Tent Sites that will give you your own surfaced patio complete with a gas grill, fire ring, and patio furniture.

KOA has a lot going on around the campground, but what about your specific camping spot? You’ll love our camping Tent Sites. We make our sites as convenient as possible, so you can enjoy the great outdoors.

The first thing you’ll notice is how level the tent camping sites are. Have you ever tried to pitch a tent on a slope? What about sleeping on an incline? KOA Campgrounds eliminate that concern by giving you a flat place to call home during your stay. You’ll also notice that our tent spots are spacious. Go ahead. Stretch your legs. Set up camp so you have plenty of room to maneuver.

You won’t have to haul water from some far-away spot to your tent. KOA Tent Sites offer conveniently placed waterspouts in the tent area. Some sites even have their own waterspouts. You can also power all your electronics when you choose a site with electric hookups. Don’t worry. It’s still considered camping even if you’re connected to the grid.

Picnic tables and fire pits right on your camping site make it easy to cook up your camp grub. After all, what’s camping without outdoor cooking and dining?


Clean Restrooms and Hot Showers

Each campsite is just a quick walk to the bathrooms and showers. They are cleaned regularly, so you can enjoy these facilities no matter the season.

At KOA, you don’t have to give up all the luxuries of home just because you choose to tent camp. KOA Campgrounds offer hot showers to all tent campers. Imagine how amazing a hot shower will feel after a fun day of outdoor activities. Wash away the dirt of the day and refresh yourself for another day of adventure. That hot shower is also the perfect way to soothe your muscles after a day of hiking. You might give up solid walls and ceilings, but you don’t have to give up modern plumbing when you choose tent camping at KOA.

Pet-Friendly Environment

Looking for a way to bring your furry family member along for the trip? Try out our pet-friendly areas and dog parks. Tent camping is a feasible way to bring along your canine friend. KOA Campgrounds are pet-friendly, although some locations limit pets to certain sites. Always check ahead of time if you’re planning to bring your pet camping.

When your pet needs a safe place to stretch his legs, venture over to a KOA Dog Park, designed with safety and pet fun in mind. Bringing your four-legged friends on your trip lets you relax, knowing they are safe with you. You feel just like you’re at home, with your trusty companion by your side. You also get that familiar sense of security with your dog along for the camping trip, whether it’s spotting wild animals on a hike, playing fetch in the grass or making your tent feel secure.


Another perk of pets at the campground? They make great icebreakers when you meet other campers. KOA pet areas offer the perfect spot to chat with new friends who share your love for dogs. Your dog can even make a new canine best friend at the dog park.

At KOA Journey, KOA Holiday, and KOA Resort Campgrounds you can find KampK9® pet parks. These designated areas provide a fenced-in area for your four-legged friend to roam off-leash and ample seating for you to relax and observe. You will also find cleanup stations, fresh water, and more for your furry friend. Check with specific campgrounds for more information on available KampK9 amenities.

All KOA Campgrounds feature an on-site store, just in case you need anything during your stay. Many KOA stores carry items like snacks, drinks and common personal items.

If you need assistance with anything, from help locating a water spout to finding unique outdoor activities, friendly and experienced KOA employees are always happy to assist you.

In addition to these, most KOA locations offer much more. Those extras vary from one location to the next, but you’re always in for a treat with the extra amenities and activities you’ll discover. Some of the possibilities include:


  • Swimming Pools
  • Fishing Ponds & Fishing Rentals
  • Water Sports
  • Mini Golf
  • Bike Rentals
  • Hiking Trails
  • Pavilions
  • Pancake Breakfasts
  • Movie Nights
  • Game Rooms
  • Horseback Riding
  • Gem Mining
  • Tours to Local Attractions and Much More


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