The 11 Best Teepee Tents in 2022

The 11 Best Teepee Tents in 2022

Which Tent is Right for Me?

If you’re in the market for a new tent, you should consider a teepee style tent.

Teepee tents, also contemporarily known as mids or pyramid tents. Aside from a rustic aesthetic appeal, this style of tent has withstood the test of centuries as one of the most reliable styles of nomadic shelter ever created.

Modern takes on the teepee are a far cry from the skin and pole design of their predecessors, but the function remains the same. They’re reliable, versatile shelters can get the job done in all four seasons. Construction can range anywhere from a pared down tarp shelter, to burly canvas teepee tent.

Depending on the style of camping you prefer, they can also make great, easily transportable backpacking tents.

The Drawbacks

This style of tent can have niche applications, and may not be the most intuitive option depending on your needs. Many of the backcountry options are very rugged to save on weight and pack space.

  • Many models rely on a central pole to keep them supported. A lot of people find this to be a major drawback.
  • Lightweight options often don’t include a floor and bug net, making for a closer experience to nature than many people are prepared for.
  • More often than not teepee style tents aren’t freestanding. Meaning that you need to have ground soft enough to drive stakes in order to set them up, and have to stake them out all over again to move them.

Frontcountry/Family Tents

One of the biggest benefits of having a teepee style tent for family or frontcountry outings is how easy they are to set up compared to other “large” tents. For single-pole style teepee tents, setup is often as easy as staking down the bottom and propping it up with a pole.

Even the tents with external frames, though they might require more than one person to set up, are on average far less complicated than a multi-piece dome tent with a vestibule.

These large, family style tents have the added perk of ventilation. When you’re housing up to twelve people in the same shelter, having a reliable means of airflow is a must.

Choosing the Right Tent for Your Needs

One of the best things about a teepee tent is its versatility. If you need a shelter, whether it be a spacious family sized shelter to house the kids and dogs, or a small basecamp for extended backcountry trips, there are certain specific tents to fit both those needs and more.

The teepee style’s simple design allows them to be specialized to a high degree, and you’ll see all arrays of takes on design. It’s all about what your needs are.

If you’re looking for something to shelter a lot of people and don’t mind the extra weight, tents in the frontcountry section are a great option with many at affordable prices.

On the other hand, if you want a shelter that isn’t a burden to carry long distances, and don’t mind roughing it a little bit more, a style of teepee called a “Mid” has been a staple choice in the mountaineering industry for the last few decades.

Thanks for taking a look through this guide. The value of a teepee tent lies in its efficiency and versatility, if you’re considering a different style or want to optimize your tent for a more specific activity- check out our other guides here.

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