Best 6 Person Waterproof Tent in 2022? [Buyer’s Guide + Reviews]

Best 6 Person Waterproof Tent in 2022? [Buyer’s Guide + Reviews]

The Perfect 6 Person Waterproof Tents for YOU

  • THE Best 6 Person Tent for Rain: Coleman Weathermaster 6 Person Tent
  • Best Runner Up 6 Man Waterproof Tent: Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Person Tent
  • Best 6 Person Tent with Waterproof Screen Room: NTK Indy GT 6 Person
  • Best Luxury 6 Person Waterproof Tent: Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 Person
  • Best Budget 6 Person Tent Waterproof: Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

So there you have it, your list of the best 6 person waterproof tents you can buy today. If you want more info about each of these tents, including key features, reviews & photos, keep reading below!

The Best 6 Man Waterproof Tents – Product Reviews

A 6 person tent simply defines the size of the tent. But there are actually quite a few different 6 person tents, all with their own features, and which one will be best for you depends a lot on what you’ll use it for.

In this guide, we’re looking exclusively at the 6 person tents that are WATERPROOF: tents for 6 person that will keep you dry under the rain.

I know trying to figure out which product would be the best for you can sometimes be a pain in the ass, when you have so many different options, from so many different brands, and they all look the same.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve listed below the 5 best “6 person tent waterproof guarantee”; they are all top-notch, and I’m sure they’ll be perfect for you.

Let’s see the reviews!

THE Best 6 Person Tent for Rain: Coleman Weathermaster 6 Person Tent

The Coleman 6 Person Waterproof Tent is our top choice among all the 6 man waterproof tents on the market.

We love how spacious the tent is, and you can even fully stand up in the tent.

If you ever catch a break from the rain, you’ll be able to remove the rainfly to enjoy the full mesh roof, perfect for stargazing!

It’s actually the #3 best selling tent all categories included, which speaks volumes about how great this tent is.

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Check out the Youtube video below to see this tent in action:

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Best Runner Up 6 Man Waterproof Tent: Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Person Tent

The Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Person Tent is the runner up choice for a 6 person waterproof tent.

Just like the previous one, it’s a spacious tent, and you can fully stand up inside. We love the all mesh roof that’s great for looking at the stars on clear nights, and perfect for airflow when it’s hot.

There are also storage pockets & a gear loft, plus a zippered pocket designed to bring a power cord in the tent to charge your devices.

If you’re planning to camp for several days, and on muddy terrain, we recommend bringing an additional waterproof footprint to make sure no water will seep through the floor of the tent.

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Best 6 Person Tent with Waterproof Screen Room: NTK Indy GT 6 Person

The NTK Indy GT 6 Person Tent is the best waterproof 6 person tent with porch you’ll ever find.

For most of the tents with screen room, only the inner room is waterproof. Often, the screen room doesn’t have a footprint, and is not protected from the rain, with water coming in through the mesh windows.

This tent is the exception: the screen room is also completely waterproof!

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Best Luxury 6 Person Waterproof Tent: Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 Person

Ready for the next-level of camping?

The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person is the luxury option for 6 person waterproof tents. Unlike the other tents, it’s made of canvas (100% cotton), which is a superior material that will keep the rain out & keep the heat inside.

We love how sturdy this tent is: it remains stable in terrible weather, and it will last you a lifetime if you take care of it.

This heavy duty tent even comes with a lifetime warranty, which is pretty rare these days.

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Best Budget 6 Person Tent Waterproof: Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

The Steel Creek Fast Pitch 6 Person is our pick for the best budget 6 person waterproof tent.

It’s actually our recommended choice for the best tents for camping with dogs, and we initially wanted to put it as the best waterproof tent. The only reason we didn’t is because of the price point: it’s so cheap that we had to put it in the best budget option!

Overall a very great tent, and with 1,000 5-star reviews, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

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So there you have them, the best waterproof 6 person tents; I hope you’ll find one that is perfect for what you need! If you want to know if a 6 person tent will fit everyone, keep reading below.

Other Types of 6 Person Tents

In this guide we’ve seen one type of 6 person tents, but there are a lot of different types. Are you sure this type is the right one for you?

If you’re still unsure, check out these guides below to see what other options are available on the market:

Instant Tents: these instant tents for 6 person are the easiest to set up

Air Tents: take the hassle of pitching away and simply inflate your tent with these 6 person air tents

Tents with Porch: want more space for storage, to put a table & chairs or for your pets? Check out these 6 person tents with screened porch

 4 Season Tents: if you’re going to camp in cold weather or under snow, you’ll definitely need one of these best 4 season 6 people tents

Waterproof Tents: the best 6 person waterproof tents are the best way to make extra-sure you will stay dry under heavy rain

Things to Know About Tent Size

Tent size is a tricky subject.

Most of the time, tents are grouped by size, depending on how many people can sleep inside: 1 person tents, 2 person tents, 4 person tents, and so on.

But how do tents manufacturers define how many people can sleep inside?

They just see how many people can lay down inside the tent, taking all space available. 

This means sleeping in a camping bag, with almost no space between people, and it might mean sleeping with heads next to feet.

It also means there will be no extra space for your gear.

Want to be comfortable in your tent? Then you will often have to buy a bigger size tent to make sure that:

  • you have enough space to be comfortable
  • you have space for your gear
  • you can fit inflatable beds

With that being said, some tents are very spacious. It might be listed as a 4 person tent & be very spacious, meaning you’ll fit as 4 + your gear.

If you’re going on a backpacking trip, then size & weight of the tent are very important; in this case, you’ll probably want to get the regular size.

Now that you know what to expect for tent size, you’ll find below guides for other tent sizes that you might want to check out:

1 person:

2 person:

3 person:

4 person: See the best 4 person waterproof tents

6 person: The Best 6 Person Tents

8 person: The Best 8 Person Tents

10 person:

12 person: Full Buyer’s Guide for 12 Person Tents

Final Thoughts

All of the 6 person waterproof tents included in this guide are solid choices, and which one will be the best for you depends on your specific needs.

After a full review of the best options available on the market, our overall best choice is the Coleman Weathermaster 6 Person Tent.

It’s a spacious tent where you can fully stand up, it has a screen room for extra space & gear storage, and you can remove the rainfly to enjoy a view of the night sky through the mesh roof. You will definitely love spending time outdoors in this tent with your friends & family, even under the rain!

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