Shop the Best 10 Person Tent for Large Groups in 2022

Shop the Best 10 Person Tent for Large Groups in 2022

In a rush? After a lot of research, we found that Core 10 Person 2-Room Cabin Tent is the best 10 person tent available today.

If you’re an avid family camper, you know the importance of having a quality, roomy tent that can house your entire family, your pets, and your stuff.

That’s where these ten person tents shine. Whether you have a small family or a large one, they’ll be able to accommodate you with plenty of room to spare.

Best 10 Person Tent: Our Top 10 Choices

  • Core 10-Person Cabin Tent (Best Overall 10 Person Tent)
  • The White Duck Avalon Bell Tent
  • Ozark Trail 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent (Best 10 Person Budget Option)
  • The White Duck Alpha Wall Tent
  • OT QOMOTOP Instant Tent
  • Coleman Instant Setup Cabin Tent
  • UNP Camping Tent
  • NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10-Person Tent (Best Waterproof 10 Person Tent)

Still confused? Check out our entire 10 Person Tent Rankings here.

CORE 10-Person Cabin Tent

Type: Cabin, 2-room | Seasons: 3-season | Weight: 31.61 lbs | Inside Height: 86 in | Floor: 14 x 10 ft (140 sq ft) | Setup Time: 20 mins

If being able to move around freely in your tent is important to you, you’ll want to know about the CORE 10 person instant cabin tent.

This tent gives you an incredible 7’2’’ of ceiling height. This means that even professional basketball players can walk around comfortably inside this tent. That’s not all, though…this tent also boasts a whopping 140 square feet of floor space.

For those who value privacy, Core provides a room divider. Combine that with the two doors on both sides, and getting around in the tent is a piece of cake.

Sealed seams and water-resistant fabrics will ensure that not a single drop of water ends up in your tent, even during heavy rains.


  • At 140 sq ft. it is incredibly spacious
  • 7’2’’ center height and straight sidewalls make it easy to walk around in the tent
  • Comes with a room divider for extra privacy
  • Adjustable ground vents and mesh ceiling provide great ventilation
  • Strong wind resistance – up to 30 mph
  • This is an instant cabin tent, which means you can set it up in less than 2 minutes


  • The floor is not that durable, so it’s wise to put a tarp beneath your tent

Best for: people who want a huge instant tent that can be up in less than 2 minutes.

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The White Duck Avalon Bell Tent

Type: Canvas, Bell | Seasons: 4-season | Weight: 166 lbs | Inside Height: 134 in | Floor: 20 ft diameter (314 sq ft) | Setup Time: 30 mins

This tent is made of Dynaduck fabric, which is a double-fill army duck canvas, treated with a water repellent, mold, mildew and UV resistant finish.

The canvas is heavy, but since this isn’t a backpacking tent, that’s okay.

Even though the canvas is thick, it is very breathable. It keeps you cool during the day, but still lets a decent amount of sunlight in. And, it traps heat in at night, keeping you warm.

And since it comes with a silicone-coated stove jack, you can stay extra warm inside even when it’s chilly outside.

This bell-shaped tent has roof vents that allow the air to circulate even when the door and windows are closed.

To top it all off, there’s a rain flap above the door that can double as a canopy when the weather is nice.


  • It features galvanized steel poles that keep the tent steady during harsh wind
  • Heat-resistant silicone-coated stove jack allows you to cook inside
  • Roof vents along with mesh door and windows allow lots of airflow
  • The canvas is thick but it provides lots of natural light during the day
  • Rain flap above the door can also serve as a canopy


  • The central pole that holds the tent might be annoying to avoid
  • Since it’s made of canvas, this tent is very heavy

Best for: family camping and use on campgrounds.

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Ozark Trail 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Type: Cabin, Instant, 2-room | Seasons: 3-season | Weight: 31.86 lbs | Inside Height: 78 in | Floor: 14 x 10 ft (140 sq ft) | Setup Time: 2 min

Ozark Trail makes an affordable quality family tent, and this 10-person instant cabin tent is no different.

With the large welcoming door you enter a huge 14′ x 10′ tent giving you 140 sq ft of living space. But even better, because you just pitched it in 2 minutes flat.

A center height of 78 inches makes this a great choice for taller people, as any good cabin tent should.

The pre-attached poles make this as hassle free and easy to use as anyone can ask for when you’ve got kids running around screaming.


  • 8 windows allowing for premium views from all angles and great ventilation
  • No assembly is needed – simply use the pre-attached poles and setup in under 2 minutes
  • 140 sq ft of living room with 78 in ceilings make this a
  • It’s the most affordable tent on this list at $149 as of our last update
  • Splits into 2-rooms, giving you even more privacy


  • Not going to be the most weather resistant tent on this list

Best for: A budget friendly, family camping tent that goes up quick.

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The White Duck Alpha Wall Tent

Type: Canvas, Wall | Seasons: 4-season | Weight: 205 lbs | Inside Height: 104 in | Floor: 12 x 14 ft (168 sq ft) | Setup Time: 30 mins

This tent from White Duck is so spacious, you can almost host a wedding inside. There’s enough space for ten people not only to sleep, but hang out gathered around the stove during rainy weather.

Since it’s a canvas tent, you need to season it to make it waterproof, but once you do it, it will keep you dry. Since the canvas already has a water-repellent finish, one seasoning session should be enough.

This tent has a pre-installed silicone-coated stove jack. You might be sceptical about cooking inside the tent, but don’t worry. The jack is heat-resistant and the canvas has a fire retardant finish, so you won’t have to worry about it accidentally catching fire.

The tent comes with a free-floating PVC groundsheet. That’s great since it means you don’t have to worry about the wet and dirty ground underneath. And, you can easily take it out and clean it.


  • Army duck cotton canvas is water-repellent, mold and mildew resistant and provides UV protection
  • It comes with a free-floating groundsheet, so you don’t have to worry about the dirty ground underneath
  • Heat-resistant and silicone-coated stove jack allows you to cook inside during bad weather
  • Shock-absorbing bungee cords help with keeping the tent still even during heavy wind
  • It features YKK zippers which are practically indestructible


  •  This tent is really heavy – like all canvas tents

Best for: campers willing to invest in a tent that will last for decades.

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Coleman Instant Setup Cabin Tent

Type: Instant, Cabin | Seasons: 3-season | Weight: 42 lbs | Inside Height: 79 in | Floor: 14 x 10 ft (140 sq ft) | Setup Time: 2 mins

Dark Room technology is what makes this tent great for summer camping. According to the manufacturer, this tent blocks up to 90% of light that enters the tent. This means that, unless you set an alarm, you might wake up way later than usual.

Since it blocks daylight, Dark Room technology also keeps the tent cool inside. That way, you won’t wake up drenched in sweat after sunrise.

This tent is spacious and can fit four queen air mattresses or ten sleeping bags. With a 6’7’’ center height, most people can comfortably stand up inside.

The tent comes with a room divider, which can give you some privacy when changing clothes, for example.

The great thing about this tent is that pitching takes no more than a minute. All the poles are pre attached, so the only thing left for you to do is to pop it open.


  • Thanks to the Dark Room technology, you can sleep way past sunrise without natural light waking you up
  • Pre attached poles allow for a quick setup in under 1 minute
  • It comes with a room divider that gives you some privacy inside the tent
  • Removing the rain fly allows you to enjoy the night sky during dry weather
  • Coleman offers a 1-year limited warranty


  •  The tent might leak during a heavy rainstorm

Best for: campers who like to sleep in late on family camping trips.

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OT QOMOTOP Instant Tent

Type: Cabin, Instant, 2-room | Seasons: 3-Season | Weight: 30.9 lbs| Inside Height: 76 in | Floor: 14 x 10 (140 sq ft) | Setup Time: 2 mins

This tent from Qomotop is a great spring tent. It has a mesh window on each side, as well as a mesh roof and a ground vent along the bottom edges, so there’s plenty of airflow.

Even though this tent is big, the instant design allows you to set it up in under one minute – without any help from your camping friends.

In case of bad weather, you can put the rain fly on. Otherwise, you can enjoy stargazing from the comfort of your sleeping bag.

Both the rain fly and tent seams feature PU taping, which prevents leakage through the needle holes. It also features a PE tube floor with welded corners, so there’s no way that water can get inside.

This tent has some nice extra features. The top storage bag can hold a tablet so you can watch a movie while laying on your air mattress.

There’s also an electrical port cord that can be fully closed when not in use.

Finally, the tent has a room divider for extra privacy.


  • Since it has a mesh roof, ground vents and several windows, there’s plenty of airflow
  • Taped seams and welded corners prevent water from leaking
  • Color coding on the rain fly allows you to quickly set the rain fly in case of unexpected rain
  • Top storage bag and side pockets can hold all the things you need close at hand
  • It has a doormat where you can place your muddy shoes


  •  Thin fabric makes this tent unsuitable for winter

Best for: campers looking for a fast pitching family camping tent.

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UNP Camping Tent

Type: Dome, 2-room | Seasons: 4-season | Weight: 23.1 lbs | Inside Height: 78 in | Floor: 18 x 9 ft (162 sq ft) | Setup Time: 8 mins

10-person tents don’t have to cost a pretty penny. Take this UNP tent for example. For an affordable price, you get a decent tent that can fit all of your camping friends.

This is a pretty light tent. It weighs only 23 pounds, but once pitched, it’s spacious enough to fit three queen air mattresses.

Its center height is 78 inches, so most people can comfortably stand inside this tent.

The tent has a mesh roof, three mesh side windows and a double mesh door. As a result, plenty of air can come in, while all the bugs and mosquitoes stay out.

If you hang the divider curtain from the ceiling, you can turn your tent into a two-room camping suite. What’s more, you can use the divider as a projector screen and watch movies in nature.


  • It weighs only 23 pounds, which is very light for a 10-person tent
  • A privacy curtain allows you to divide your tent in two rooms
  • The vestibular awning on the rain fly prevents rain from dripping inside the window
  • Gear loft allows you to air your clothes, while mesh pockets help you stay organized
  • Thanks to eight guy lines, the tent holds up well in strong winds


  •  Might leak around the zippers in heavy rain

Best for: campers looking for a lightweight but spacious tent.

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NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10-Person Tent

Type: Dome | Seasons: 3-season | Weight: 26 lbs | Inside Height: 74 in | Floor: 8 x 17.4 ft (139.2 sq ft) | Setup Time: 25 mins

Let’s face it: nobody wants to go to sleep and wake up in a puddle of water. That’s why choosing a large tent that is waterproof is of utmost importance.

That’s where the NTK Arizona GT shines. This tent is made to withstand the harsh conditions of the Amazon rainforest, so you won’t have any problems handling whatever storm you end up in.

On top of that, it has two rooms and two doors, providing both easy movement and extra privacy for your family members.

However, with higher quality comes a higher price tag. If you’re a casual camper who only goes camping a few times a year in fair weather, you might want to give this tent a pass. But, if you’re looking for a well-made tent that will last you for years to come, you should definitely consider investing in the NTK Arizona GT.


  • Color-coded poles make setup a piece of cake
  • 100% waterproof – designed to withstand rainstorms in the Amazon rainforest
  • Bathtub floor will make sure you don’t wake up in a puddle
  • Mosquito mesh keeps the bugs out while allowing for air to circulate
  • Roomy – the ceiling has a height of 6’2’’ so there’s plenty of space to walk around


  • A bit pricier than some of the other tents mentioned here

Best for: families looking for a high-quality tent that will last them for a long time.

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Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Tent

Type: Dome | Seasons: 3-season | Weight: 30.9 lbs | Inside Height: 80 in | Floor: 17 x 9 ft (153 sq ft) | Setup Time: 20 mins

The Coleman brand is famous for making affordable, quality tents – and this Coleman tent is no exception.

Coming in at 153 sq. ft. with 6’7’’ of headspace, this tent is roomy enough for 3 queen-sized air beds.

Its unique feature is the hinged door, which means no more messing with zippers. Entering and exiting the tent is a breeze.

As the name suggests, it performs exceptionally well when it comes to weather protection, thanks to coated polyester fabric, as well as the rain fly and bathtub floor.


  • The rain fly and bathtub floor ensure that you will stay dry even during a torrential downpour
  • Angled windows provide great airflow even when it’s raining
  • A unique hinged front door and zippered back door make it easy to get in and out of the tent
  • Easy setup and takedown (less than 30 minutes)
  • Coated polyester tent fabric provides great weather protection
  • An affordable option for non-frequent campers


  • Tent stakes are flimsy and of lower quality – you might want to buy stronger ones separately

Best for: casual camping families who are looking for an all round great 10 person tent.

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10 Person Tents – Everything We Recommend

Things To Look Out For When Buying A 10 Person Tent

First time buying a big tent?

Not to worry.

Choosing the best one is simple if you know what to watch out for.

Here’s what characteristics make these the best 10 person tents.


The first thing you need to pay attention to is the size of your tent.

Obviously, a 10 person tent should be able to fit 10 people. However, when tent manufacturers say a tent fits 10 people, they mean it can fit 10 people lying next to each other, shoulder to shoulder.

Needless to say, that is hardly ideal.

These tents realistically fit between 6 and 8 people. This leaves enough room to move around and to store your gear.

Another thing to pay attention to is the height of your tent. The higher the ceiling of your tent, the easier it is to move around inside.

Usually, 10-person tents come with a minimum center height of 6 feet, so unless you’re in the NBA you shouldn’t have any problems.

As you can see, the most spacious tent that we rated was the White Duck 20′ Avalon Bell Tent. A majority of the other tents typically ranged between 140 sq ft and 170 sq ft, with the UNP Camping Tent and the White Duck Alpha Wall Tent claiming the 2nd and 3rd most space.


10-person tents come in different shapes. The most common ones are dome, cabin and tunnel shapes.

Dome tent

A dome tent has a round shape. They’re tallest at the center, from where they slope down.

This shape makes them stable even in heavy winds and it helps with water draining. That way, rain doesn’t weigh the roof down.

However, the round shape also means there’s less space inside the tent.

Our top rated 10-person dome tents are the UNP Camping Tent and the Coleman WeatherMaster.

Cabin tent

These are classic tents with either a rectangular or square shape.

They use up the interior space optimally, as vertical or near-vertical walls mean that the height of the tent is around the same throughout.

However, vertical walls easily catch in wind, so they’re not as stable as dome tents are.

Even so, our top rated 10-person cabin tents are the CORE 10-Person Cabin Tent and the OT QOMOTOP Instant Tent

Tunnel tent

This type of tent is less popular than cabin or dome tents. They take a bit more to set up and usually require guy lines to keep them in place.

They use semi-circle pipes which create a tunnel shape.

These tents provide plenty of space and have a decent height.

For this tent-type, the best 10-person tunnel tent is the NTK Arizona GT 9 To 10-Person Tent.


Most tents are made of either canvas, polyester or nylon.

Canvas tents are way heavier, but will last you a long time. In other words, if you take good care of it, your grandchildren will get to use it.

Canvas tents need to be seasoned, but once you do that, they’ll keep you dry even in a rainstorm.

Nylon tents are way lighter than canvas ones, and are suitable for backpacking.

Most nylon tents are waterproof and have UV resistance. They’re also more affordable than canvas tents.

The main downside to nylon tents is that they’re not as breathable as canvas tents are.

Polyester tents have similar abilities to nylon. They’re waterproof and durable. They weigh a bit more than nylon, but they make up by being more tear-resistant.


One of the benefits of a bigger tent is that they come equipped with a lot of accessories that smaller tents lack.

These include:

Storage pockets – More people means more stuff. Consider buying a tent that has multiple storage pockets spread out across the tent so everyone can have somewhere to store their phones and gadgets. Gear lofts are also a great feature for storing loose items.

Doors – When you have 8 or more people sleeping in one tent, the last thing you want is to have just one door. That would make getting in and out of the tent tricky. Look out for tents with 2 doors that provide not just easier access, but also better ventilation.

Room dividers – These are great for added privacy. Look for tents that can create multiple rooms just by using a simple room divider.


A simple rule of thumb to follow is this: the heavier the tent is, the more durable it is.

Look for tents with heavier, thicker fabrics that can withstand the elements better. Considering that 10 person tents are heavy in general, you might want to opt for a canvas tent. Canvas tents are great when it comes to durability, and they’re also great insulators and highly breathable, too.

That being said, canvas isn’t going to be within everyone’s price range. Thankfully, there are some pretty durable polyester and nylon tents out there as well.

When it comes to tent poles, don’t be afraid to buy stronger, sturdier ones elsewhere. Some tents are really great and durable, however, they come with weak plastic poles. For a small price, you can buy better ones from another manufacturer and avoid your tent poles breaking in the middle of nowhere.

Weather Protection

Since you’ll have a lot of people in your tent, you need to make sure it can withstand the harsh elements of nature.

Your tent needs to be able to protect you from heavy rain and strong winds, as well as the scorching sun.

A pretty tall order, right?

Well, the best tents can do all of that and then some.

Your main defense will be your rain fly.

There are two kinds: full coverage and roof-only rain flies.

You want to make sure that the rain fly covers the entire tent – that way it fully protects you from the rain. You lose a little light compared to a roof-only rain fly, but in return, you can sleep soundly knowing you’re much better protected.

If you want to be extra-safe from water, consider tents with bathtub flooring. They have floors made out of waterproof fabrics that extend a couple of inches from the ground. Thus, they keep the water on the ground from spilling inside your tent when it’s raining.

As I mentioned in the previous section, having strong poles is a must if you want to be safe from strong winds. Flimsy poles tend to break easily and then your entire tent is at risk of collapsing. Invest in aluminum, steel or fiberglass poles and your tent will stand strong against high winds.

The clear winners for weather resistance are going to be the White Duck tents. Made with Anodized aluminum poles, they are strong and fortified with 10.10 oz. Army Duck Cotton Canvas.

The CORE 10-Person Cabin Tent and the NTK Arizona GT 9 To 10-Person Tent also come in with solid ratings as well for their respective tent types and price range.

Ease Of Setup

Setting up a 10-person tent is a lot harder than setting up a tiny tent intended for a single person.

But there are models that are easily pitched. Instant tents, for example, can be set in only a minute.

If a quick setup is important for you, then investing in an instant tent might be worth it.

As you can see, the OT QOMOTOP Instant Tent is clearly the easiest to setup and use, followed closely by the two other instant tents on this list, the Ozark Trail 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent and the Coleman Instant Setup Cabin Tent.


Large tents cost a pretty penny. This makes sense, considering there’s a lot of material involved.

When it comes to 10-person tents, you usually get what you pay for. Some features are nice to have, but some are just cosmetics and you could save some money by cutting down on those unnecessary details.

Clearly, the two White Duck tents are by far and away the priciest, but those tents make up for their price in their lifetime value.

However, if you are on a budget, you’ll want to look at the CORE 10-Person Cabin Tent, the OT QOMOTOP Instant Tent, and the Ozark Trail 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent. All three of those tents rated great and provide excellent value for the price.

User Rating

Last, but not least is user rating.

And we can get a lot of great feedback from user reviews, but they aren’t perfect. The average tent owner won’t ever leave a review, so reviews are typically left by users who either have a really favorable or unfavorable experience.

We go through and read all of the reviews. We read the good, we read the bad, and then we factor in the quantity of reviews and calculate all of into our final User Rating score.

As you can see, most of the 10 person tents that have made our list have GREAT user ratings. These are top-notch tents at a top-notch value that please customers. Frankly, you won’t go wrong with any one of these tents based on our user rating alone.


Since 10-person tents cost quite a lot, it’s okay if you’re having second thoughts about getting one.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that might help you decide.

Is a 10-person tent easy to set up?

Most tents on this list fall under two categories – instant and cabin.

Instant tents have pre attached frames and poles, and you only need to unfold and pop them out. This won’t take you more than a few minutes of your time.

Cabin tents, on the other hand, don’t have pre attached parts, and you have to do everything from scratch. In some cases, you might even need another person to help you pitch the tent. Some tents have color-coded poles, which helps you figure out which pole goes where.

How do I fold down a 10-person tent?

Larger tents are obviously more difficult to fold down than smaller ones.

To fold your tent down, simply repeat the set up steps, but in reverse.

How well does a 10-person tent hold up to the wind and rain?

10-person tents are tall in general. And the larger the tent is, the more support it needs to withstand weather elements.

That being said, with high-quality poles and guy lines, most of these tents can still hold up well in heavy wind and rain.

Does a 10-person tent come with a room divider?

You’d think that large tents come with a room divider, but this feature is more of an exception than a rule.

Some tents, like the Coleman or UNP, do come with room dividers.

Our Verdict

After a ton of research and examination, we found that the Core 10 Person 2-Room Cabin Tent is the best 10 person tent for sale today.

The bathtub floor ensures you’ll remain dry even during the worst thunderstorms, while the 7’2’’ ceiling is room enough for anyone except NBA players.

Add to that the fact that it’s really affordable for a 10-person tent, and you can see why we chose it as our #1 10 person tent.

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